EPA pick important for Ohio


President Obama has nominated Gina McCarthy to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“3 selected for key jobs in Cabinet,” March 5). Ms. McCarthy is a pragmatic and committed public servant, set on protecting public health, our children, and families from the dangers of soot, smog, mercury, and carbon pollution.

These public health protections will save lives, prevent illness, and drive innovation in new cleaner-energy technology.

This is important to the families of the nearly 10,000 children with asthma in Lucas County. Not only does Ohio rank second in the nation in the amount of mercury emitted, we also have the dubious distinction of ranking first for the amount of air pollution generated from coal-fired power plants.

Ohioans should support the confirmation of Ms. McCarthy. The EPA is the cop on the beat when it comes to reducing climate-change pollution. She is the right leader to keep the agency focused on tackling these important public-health challenges.


Ohio House of Representatives 47th District Toledo


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Columnist needed to note 9/11 attacks

In his April 1 op-ed column, “Rising from the ashes, Islamic center a symbol of tolerance,” S. Amjad Hussain stepped around an issue that cannot be ignored.

Dr. Hussain took readers through recent history to make his point about the despicable act that a drunken lunatic committed upon the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. People of all faiths share the pain of that unforgivable event.

Dr. Hussain cited numerous incidents that in his opinion contributed to the thinking of the culprit in that crime. I wish that somewhere in his column he would have mentioned the devastating incidents that took place in New York City, in Washington, and over a field in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001.

Surely, that unforgivable disaster is another major factor in the debate on how to improve religious tolerance in America.


Monclova Township


Voting must stay unencumbered

I oppose anything that limits legally registered citizens from voting (“Referendum reform awaits one signature; Ohio foes say bill will restrict voters’ ability to challenge laws,” March 21).

The basic precepts of our government are freedom of or from religion, and the ability to gain access to the ballot box when we agree or disagree with lawmakers whom we chose to represent us.

Note that I said represent us, not make decisions for us.


Majestic Drive


Better yet, invite Irwin’s family

I agree with the letter writer who suggested using an expression by the late Steve Irwin as the name for the crocodile coming to the Toledo Zoo (“Let’s call the new crocodile ‘Crikey,’ ” Readers’ Forum, March 29).

I would take this a step further and invite Mr. Irwin’s family to the dedication.


Monclova Township