Dog shot? What about abortion?


Your April 3 editorial “Make it a felony” berates a man who shot his dog. You said he was a brutal felon and was no longer human.

What he did was terrible, but compare that to killing a helpless human. That is a million times worse.

What do you call a doctor or nurse who performs an abortion on an innocent child still in the womb? Don’t duck your head in the sand; call it for what it is.




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UT DJ wronged by local media

The media in this town did a huge injustice to the young man who tweeted an opinion on the Steubenville rape case (“DJ leaves UT radio station amid criticism,” March 21).

Here is a young man who was doing all the right things. He was volunteering at the University of Toledo radio station while he was waiting to land a job in the field in which he received a degree.

All the sensational bad press and public disgrace will follow this young man for some time to come.

Did he really deserve public humiliation? Did he deserve death threats? What kind of peace-loving people who preach against the violence of rape make death threats?

And what about the First Amendment and freedom of speech?

I hope this young man holds his head high. He did or said nothing wrong.


Alexis Road


Toledo Express needs leadership

Nothing has changed at Toledo Express Airport. The downstairs concessions and coffee shop are closed, and there’s not even a newspaper box available.

Management of Toldeo Express should be removed from the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and turned over to a private company or a dedicated airport authority. That way, the airport could grow and become profitable. It would be a win-win for this area.

Please, port authority officials, set our airport free.


Sylvania Township

Editor’s note: A port authority spokesman said a newspaper box is near the checkpoint on the first floor. The downstairs gift shop is open at high-volume travel times; the food court/gift shop upstairs is open daily during all flight times.


Turnpike needs to be good neighbor

In your March 22 article “Turnpike bond issue predicted to benefit area’s road projects,” the executive director of the Ohio Turnpike explained upcoming improvements to the toll road.

He failed to mention the need for the turnpike to be a good neighbor by building safety and sound-abatement barriers near the Maumee interchange, where traffic is sometimes deafening to area houses.


Kirk Street