Why hasn’t jail been maintained?


I am incensed about talk of replacing the Lucas County jail (“Lucas County to seek study for a new jail; Commissioners vote to request proposals to find a consultant,” April 10).

Carol Contrada, the president of the board of county commissioners, complained about the jail’s condition, yet the building is only 36 years old. How is it possible that it was allowed to deteriorate?

Why was this building not properly maintained? Why was it not designed to fulfill its purpose properly?

This is an unacceptable situation.


Foxcroft Road


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Court must order psych evaluations

How do we prevent crimes such as the tragic murder of Kaitlin Gerber, who was gunned down by a vicious ex-boyfriend (“Failure to communicate,” editorial, April 3)?

The real problem is the person who does not control anger and pursues an innocent person, who then becomes a victim. Whenever a restraining order is necessary, the court should order a psychiatric evaluation and anger-management counseling for the offender.

If people insist on believing that mental illness is the root of killing, then wouldn’t it be wise for the legal system to give a psychiatric referral to everyone whose rage requires intervention? Wouldn’t this be better protection of the public?


Deepwood Lane


Carrying a gun not a guarantee

A letter writer said that Kaitlin Gerber likely would be alive today had she been armed (“If victim had gun, would she be here?”, Readers’ Forum, April 1). In the same edition, you carried a story about a district attorney in Texas who with his wife was fatally shot in their home. The story said the district attorney carried a gun everywhere he went.

I hope the letter writer can explain what went wrong with the theory that carrying a gun can save a life.


Springfield Township


Why don’t people rip athletes’ pay?

I am perplexed by people who criticize executives for the high compensation they receive, but who will cheer for their favorite sports team and players who are making millions of dollars a year (“Tigers keep Verlander for $180 million,” March 30).

Business executives make many times the salary of the common worker. How does the salary of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander compare to the groundskeeper, hot dog salesman, ticket taker, and other workers at Comerica Park?

I hope that people who protest executive salaries do the same the next time they are at a ballpark.


Martin, Ohio