What about U.S. firms abroad?


As Toledo Mayor Mike Bell has traveled abroad in search of foreign investment and jobs for the city, has it occurred to him that U.S. companies have abandoned America and its workers and moved their manufacturing to China (“Delegation makes final pitch before heading home; Trip deemed success for contacts, connections,” April 16)?

Perhaps he should solicit these pseudo-American businesses and Washington and demand answers about their anti-American, illogical free-trade policies.


Petersburg, Mich.


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Lawyer recalled as a gentleman

I was saddened to read of Jamille Jamra’s death (“Trial lawyer got Ohio Bar honor,” April 11). I met him in 1968, when I was a second-year law student and active in the law student division of the American Bar Association, and Mr. Jamra was president of the Ohio State Bar Association.

I approached him to discuss possible methods of introducing Ohio law-school students to the bar association. He treated me with respect and consideration, as if I were his equal. He listened to me as if I were an experienced lawyer, not a law student.

He and his senior partners at Eastman & Smith were outstanding attorneys and gentlemen.


Ottawa Hills


Don’t overhype village flooding

As spring takes hold, along with the potential rising of the Maumee River, I ask media not to hype the flood situation in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

There is a big difference between reaching flood stage and water getting into the village’s business district. I own a restaurant on Front Street. When you speak before you understand our situation, you do great financial damage to merchants.

Businesses need all the help from the media that we can get.


Grand Rapids, Ohio


New Pope blazes a welcome trail

In response to your March 30 article “Trailblazing Pope upsets some traditional Catholics; Foot washing shows Francis on path far from Benedict”: My reaction, and I suspect that of many other Catholics, is: Deo Gratias (Thanks be to God).


Sylvania Township