Obamas’ praise despicable


I find it despicable that President Obama made a personal phone call to NBA player Jason Collins and that First Lady Michelle Obama sent a tweet to Mr. Collins to congratulate him on declaring his gay status (“When ‘gay’ is just an adjective, the game will be won,” op-ed column, May 2).

I would think that the President would have more important issues to care about. Mr. Obama does not have a clue about how to spend his time to care for this country, which is in dire need of a president who can fulfill the job.

Unfortunately, by the time he leaves office, a lot of damage will have been done that will not be reversible


Perrysburg Township


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Same-sex couples are good parents

In response to the March 28 letters in Readers’ Forum about procreation and gay marriage: I know several males in a committed relationship who are raising children because they wanted a family and some mother did not.

I also have several female friends who have life partners and are raising children. My daughter and her partner conceived their sons with a friend and donor, because they too wanted to procreate.

These children are benefiting tremendously from the opportunities afforded them. They are maturing and healthy in mind and body. What lucky kids they are to have such loving and giving parents.

These adults could be guideposts on how to raise children. Welcome to the 21st century.


Ottawa Hills


Texas blast cartoon political, detestable

You and editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman should be ashamed of yourselves. On April 27, you published Mr. Ohman’s cartoon that depicted Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry saying “Business is booming in Texas” next to a drawing of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

You used an explosion that killed 14 people and injured more than 160 to make a political statement about Texas. I did not see a cartoon about the Newton school shootings or the Boston Marathon bombings criticizing the liberal states of Connecticut or Massachusetts with Democratic governors.

This was a detestable attempt at satire and a cheap shot at Texans when they are mourning the loss of loved ones.


Sylvania Township


Why does U.S. give Syria funds?

In response to your April 22 article “U.S. doubling its nonlethal aid in Syria; Kerry pledges $250M, but no offer of weapons:” How can our government do this when it doesn’t have enough money to run our country?

Our politicians give money away and our citizens suffer. Has anybody ever seen a poor politician? They get everything they want, so to hell with the people in this country.

We need to clean house.