OSU can’t find a punter in Ohio?


Gee whiz. Ohio State University's President E. Gordon Gee resigns, due in part to stupidity.

There must be an epidemic of stupidity in Columbus. Why would the football program feel the need to offer a scholarship to a 21-year-old punter from Australia? The answer is, in my opinion, stupidity.

There has to be a punter in the United States of America, preferably Ohio, who is as good as the foreigner, and would appreciate a quality education. I hope the people in control recover from their stupid attack and right this wrong before the papers are signed.


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Boaters should heed Markey’s advice
The Blade has a fine example in Matt Markey, outdoors editor. On May 18, Mr. Markey took part in “Take Me Boating Toledo,” an annual event sponsored by the Western Lake Erie Safe Boating Council to kick off National Safe Boating Week. Mr. Markey took time to meet with people and to deliver remarks at the opening ceremony. His words were simple and had been heard before, but needed to be heard again: “Wear your life jackets and let’s make this a safe summer on the water.”

On May 15, The Blade published Mr. Markey’s column which stressed the same as his remarks at the opening ceremony — the need for safety on the water.

Mr. Markey’s involvement in “Take Me Boating Toledo” and his article were never more important than this year. Both took place a week before Memorial Day weekend, unofficial start of the area boating season. Yet, by this time, our area had already experienced four deaths due to people going out on the water, not wearing a life jacket, falling overboard, and drowning.

Mr. Markey is a fine example of The Blade because he took time not just to write about the need to be safe on the water, but he also took time to get involved in “Take Me Boating Toledo.” Let us hope that people adhere to his Markey’s words and actions and it saves a few lives this summer.