Editorial shows pro-Obama bias


In response to your June 1 editorial “Shrinking scandal”: We have one of the most feared and powerful agencies of the government, the Internal Revenue Service, targeting conservative groups. It is interesting that you would so easily dismiss this as a nonevent.

If this was a minor misunderstanding, why did the IRS apologize when it came to light? Why did IRS official Lois Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment before Congress?

Name one liberal or left-leaning group that was receiving the same treatment. I find it baffling that you and your liberal-minded peers would be OK with the IRS’ actions.

If a conservative Republican was in the White House and this had happened to liberal groups, you would be singing a different tune.

Edon, Ohio

IRS case needs special counsel

The Blade’s editorial page sounds like a script from White House press secretary Jay Carney. You took an unsubstantiated report that the IRS may have looked into a left-wing organization to assert that this really isn’t much of a scandal.

We know that the IRS went way beyond reason into harassment, based on a targeted attack on organizations with names associated with conservative causes. Was there a similar process for organizations with “progressive” in their names?

You should advocate a special prosecutor who will determine the facts before drawing conclusions that are unsubstantiated.


IRS should probe tax exemptions

The latest witch hunt amounts to Republicans protecting their donors.

Starting with the Supreme Court’s partisan decision in Citizens United, which opened up more doors to illegal donations, the IRS has been using its full power of investigation.

The Tea Party is a front to hide political donations, and should be investigated. Also cropping up are church-affiliated fronts that have political agendas and should be investigated to see whether they meet the requirements to maintain their tax-exempt status.

Such investigations are long overdue. The IRS should do the job to make up for how the Supreme Court failed America.


Tea Party ismiddle-class

President Obama and other Democrats claim to be for the middle class. Tea Party members are middle-class, hard-working people who want an honest government. So why do people who say they are for the middle class denigrate the Tea Party?

Fayette, Ohio