Krugman’s rosy outlook is wrong


Paul Krugman’s June 10 op-ed column, “Fret not about Social Security and Medicare, but jobs,” is in line with his opinion that everything is fine and that we should be spending more on everything the government does, except probably the military.

With his rosy statement that the deficit is falling, he does not mention what will happen to the interest payments on the national debt when the recovery really kicks in and interest rates begin rising.

If our debt service costs twice as much or more, which it almost certainly will at some point, the total national budget will become unsustainable.


Monclova Township


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UTMC’s decision not hypocritical

The decision by University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs to end abortion transfer agreements had to be tough, so to characterize it as hypocritical is sad (“UTMC students’ protest applauded,” Readers’ Forum, June 5).

Kermit Gosnell operated an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. He was found guilty of murder for killing babies who survived the abortion process, as well as a woman who died of complications from a botched abortion.

There were complaints about this man’s practice and the conditions at his clinic. I wonder whether any government entity ever inspected the clinic. Gosnell operated for years.

To claim to want safe and hygienic abortions and to do nothing about doctors such as Gosnell speaks more of ideology than of doing what’s right. That’s where the real hypocrisy lies.




Two baby cases are different

I can’t believe anyone would compare Ariel Castro to a medical doctor performing a requested legal procedure (“Different cases, but same result,” Readers’ Forum, June 5).

Women go to clinics to receive a legal medical procedure by a doctor in a safe and clean environment. They do this by their own choice.

They are not kidnapped, tortured, raped, or starved into a miscarriage, as Mr. Castro is alleged to have done.

Women have a right to choose. The poor women in the Castro case did not choose what happened to them.


West Sylvania Avenue


Northtowne site could be a store

Many poor, elderly, and disabled people do not have their own transportation and cannot easily rely on family and friends to transport them. Cab rides are too expensive for someone who’s on disability or welfare.

The City of Toledo and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. should demolish the old Northtowne Mall and build a Wal-Mart there. That would provide a place to shop and to work for people in that part of the city. It would be a winning situation for everyone.


Maple Street