BGSU tuition hike questioned


In response to your June 22 article “BGSU tuition to increase 2%”: My daughter attends Bowling Green State University. One semester, she never saw her professor. The professor sent his teaching assistant to every class.

She also spent time with one adviser who listed all the courses she should take toward her degree. But the adviser failed to explain they should taken in a particular order — not always obvious — and taking advanced courses without the background knowledge was rough.

I wouldn’t mind the increase if the quality of education and service were there.

Perhaps BG could keep tuition lower by dismissing professors who don’t teach assigned classes — apparently teaching assistants are qualified. Because the students were taught by a teaching assistant, shouldn’t they all receive some sort of discount?

Tetherwood Drive


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Police response insensitive
My wife and I are appalled at the disconcerting response we received recently from the Toledo Police Department.

Both of our vehicles, parked well into our property in the Old Orchard neighborhood, were broken into. The police operator who received our call was short and impolite in her response. She informed us that no officers would respond to a vehicle break-in, and that if we wanted to report it, we needed to drive to the nearest police station.

We did. The officer acted as if we were interrupting his sitting behind his desk. When I asked what TPD would do with the report, he laughed and said: “Absolutely nothing.”

That is not the response police should give to concerned residents who just experienced a breach of their personal property.

The responses my wife and I received do not make us feel safe or upbeat about starting our family here.

I hope Mayor Mike Bell rectifies this kind of poor response by the police department. Otherwise, we’ll find a new executive to lead this city, or find a new city.

Goddard Road

Editor’s note: The writer is associate pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church, West Sylvania Avenue.


Quit traveling, hire more police
My 84-year-old mother recently called the Toledo Police Department to report someone pounding on her door and ringing her doorbell at 3 a.m. The police never responded.

I am outraged by the lack of concern by Toledo police for city residents. Maybe Mayor Mike Bell and his administration should take fewer trips abroad and hire additional police officers to protect the residents who pay their salaries.

Is it any wonder that people sometimes take the law into their own hands?

Gilhouse Road


Now it’s our kids who are starving
In response to your June 22 article, “Children to get food, fun at 100 area sites”: When I was a child, my mother would tell me to eat everything on my plate, because children in China are starving.

I recently was in China to celebrate the graduation of Shandong University students whom I taught as freshmen. The food I saw at a restaurant there was plentiful. I imagine children in China are told eat everything on their plate because children in America are starving. What happened?

Monclova Township