Judge dogs by their behavior


Your June 20 article “Group challenges Swanton dog ordinance; Law considers all ‘pit bulls’ dangerous” strikes an emotional chord for all “pit bull” owners. Not only is Swanton’s current dog ordinance out of date, it does not align with Ohio law, which classifies a dog as vicious based on behavior, not appearance.

Any dog with teeth has the potential to be vicious. Certain breeds have a tendency to cause more harm because of their size. But that’s not a reason to discriminate based on physical characteristics.

Let’s focus on a dog’s behavior, not appearance, when it comes to classifying it as vicious.



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IRS should help regular folks

The government will pay $70 million in bonuses to employees of the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS draws new criticism over $70M employee bonuses,” June 20). The same IRS just got caught spending millions of our tax dollars to hold conventions, paying for liquor, food, hotel rooms, and gifts for its employees.

It is time for government officials to be held accountable for the misuse of our tax dollars. They do not have the right to throw our hard-earned dollars away.

I have a friend who works 40 hours a week and brings home $250 after taxes and insurance. Maybe the government can help my friend.

Talmadge Road


Boaters should know the rules

I applaud the U.S. Coast Guard and law enforcement agencies for stepped-up efforts to make recreational boating safer (“Boaters, agencies must be responsible,” Readers’ Forum, June 29).

I worked on Great Lakes freighters for years. During the summer, recreational boaters would come alongside, hold up their beer cans, and pass in front of and behind the freighter, gleefully unaware of the danger they were putting themselves in.

A freighter pushes a lot of water. The propeller causes enormous backwash that could easily cause a small craft to lose control.

Knowledge of waterway rules is a necessity for small-craft operators.



Marine vet’s wife appreciative

My husband wears a cap that honors the U.S. Marine Corps, in which he served during World War II. We were dining recently at a Bob Evans restaurant. When the time came for the bill, our waitress told us an anonymous person had paid for our dinner.

Thank you, kind person.

Tremainsville Road