Medicare column valuable


Dr. Johnathon Ross’ July 4 op-ed column, “Latest handout to big insurers hurts Medicare,” represents what news media should be doing every day: protecting citizens from damaging government, political, and business practices.

Newspapers long have been a voice in the darkness on vital issues, but times have been rough for print media. TV news is profitable, but it’s mindless on tough issues, playing on emotions rather than turning out a good journalistic product.

We need print media to work harder on issues such as health-care costs. We need to encourage TV news to do a better job of reporting. We need more exposés such as the essay by Dr. Ross.



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Delayed flight grounds for ire
I recently waited at Toledo Express Airport to board an Allegiant Air flight that was to have taken off at 7:40 p.m. (“Tiny Allegiant Air thrives on low costs, high fees,” July 14). It was delayed three times, finally taking off at 12:30 a.m.

Does Allegiant own only one plane? Who is responsible for this mess? Do Allegiant officials even care?

Do they consider how many other people are affected by their inability to run an airline on schedule? There are baggage handlers, plane crew, security personnel, car rental employees, and all support personnel putting in extra hours, in addition to the many passengers who are stranded and frustrated.

With this kind of service, why would anyone in his right mind continue to fly out of Toledo? I surely won’t.



Local activities appreciated
I am grateful to The Blade for its organization of the July 4 fireworks, the Thanksgiving holiday parade, and other charitable events it initiates and oversees for Toledo.

I commend the excellent work by numerous Blade employees in helping to put on the recent “Red, White, KABOOM” event.

President Taylor Automotive Family West Central Avenue


He drops those who dropped Deen
Free speech is guaranteed in this country (“Deen’s fall has a wide ripple effect,” Readers’ Forum, July 9). For those companies that abruptly have ended their relationships with Paula Deen, I never will set foot in their stores again.

Cherrylawn Drive