Power obsession to blame


The bungled Benghazi tragedy and abuses by the National Security Agency and Internal Revenue Service have demonstrated what can happen in a power-hungry government (“The man who keeps looking for skeletons in Obama’s closet,” op-ed column, July 6).

With each new embarrassment, the Obama Administration’s spin becomes more desperate. But President Obama created this climate of governmental excess, and he alone must bear the responsibility for its consequences.

It is time for responsible Americans who are fed up to stop this nonsense. Our voices must be heard. Midterm elections offer a golden opportunity to send a clear message of rejection.




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Who’s watching those watching us?

In response to your July 4 editorial “The deeper scandals”: I wonder who’s in charge. Having private for-profit companies running our security is a road to disaster. Who’s watching the watchers?


Ottawa Lake, Mich.


Desalination plants a must

You are correct to point out the future fresh water problem (“Great Lakes ‘ground zero’ for water needs; Climate change adds pressure,” July 14). However, the solution is not to suck the Great Lakes ecosystem dry for the benefit of the rest of the world.

The solution is to obtain fresh water from a desalination plant, such as those in Florida, California, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. What is lacking is not a solution to the world’s water problems, but the political will to accomplish it.




Drivers shouldn’t park in fire lane

I have been following the incident at the Kroger supermarket on Spring Meadows Drive (“Court date delayed for Toledo police officer,” June 13). I frequent this store almost daily to pick up groceries and prescriptions, and there is almost always a car parked in the fire lane, where there is a no-parking sign.

The off-duty police officer may have gotten upset with the person who parked in the fire lane, but I can see the officer’s point. I am elderly with a heart condition, and I have a handicap permit. Invariably, drivers park with their engines running in the handicapped spots, as well as at the curb, waiting for someone.

This makes it difficult for the elderly and handicapped. We elderly and handicapped do not park in the fire lane.


Monclova Township


Handicap permits sometimes abused

Our vehicle has a handicap permit for my wife’s use. But I have seen a large number of instances in which young, apparently able-bodied people park in a space reserved for handicapped persons, display a handicap permit, pop out of the car, and walk briskly to the store.

This leads me to believe the permit was issued to a family member. They are taking advantage of having the permit in the vehicle.

People should show consideration for those who are truly handicapped and are having difficulty getting around. Abuse of such permits violates state law; it is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of at least $250.


Monclova Township