Letters to the Editor

Electric cars not energy panacea

A Chevrolet Volt electric automobile is charged in Perrysburg.
A Chevrolet Volt electric automobile is charged in Perrysburg.

In response to your June 30 article “Area electric vehicle owners seek surge in public stations”: We should be concerned about the potential environmental problems the electric car presents.

The electric car is a poorly conceived feel-good concept. It is promoted by environmental extremists and their political allies, with the cooperation of major automakers who hope to curry favor with Washington by riding the green wave of popularity.

Little thought has been given to the environmental hazards associated with the manufacture and disposal of thousands of high-tech batteries.

There also seems to be little concern with the impact these cars would have on the power grid. Electric power generation still depends on fossil fuels primarily and to a lesser extent on nuclear fission, both of which present environmental concerns.

The addition of hundreds of thousands of electric cars would result in a need to increase dramatically the number of these types of power plants. The use of electric cars may result in a wash as far as energy consumption and pollution are concerned.


Monclova Township