Letters to the Editor

Francis’ actions saintly


Pope Francis is a living saint — a St. Francis of Assisi for this time (“Pope says he won’t judge gay priests; Pontiff returns to Rome, reflects on social issues,” July 30).

He is neither for pompous, arrogant, conservative priests and bishops, nor for pushy women who are attempting to hijack ordination.

When conservatives complain that their wealth is redistributed, the Pope replies that it is God’s wealth, not theirs. Redistribution of wealth is a moral obligation.

This Pope is going to give Republicans heartburn.


South Reynolds Road

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Bingle is part of holy succession

In response to the July 16 Readers’ Forum letter “Bingle not a true Catholic priest”: The Roman Catholic Womenpriest movement started in 2002, when a male Roman Catholic bishop ordained seven women. Since that time, women have been ordained as bishops, deacons, and priests.

Rev. Beverly Bingle was ordained a priest in 2013 and has pastored the Holy Spirit Catholic Community. While she is not recognized by the Vatican or the Toledo Catholic diocese as a Roman Catholic priest, the apostolic succession of her ordination remains intact from the time of the 12 apostles, chosen by Jesus Christ.

I attend Holy Spirit Catholic Community, but I am not an ordained member of Roman Catholic Womenpriests. I still consider myself to be Roman Catholic.


Heatherton Drive

Ditching cameras would be bad idea

In response to the July 10 Readers’ Forum letter “Remove cameras, hire more officers”: I cannot believe people have thought this thing through.

To station an officer at each intersection that now has a traffic camera could mean many extra officers. Would those who support removing the cameras and hiring more officers want the job of being at those intersections in snow, storms, ice, and rain? Cameras do fine in bad weather.

Would those who want the cameras removed pay the taxes needed to meet these additional payrolls? And who would cover the officers’ breaks, or if they’re pulled from their posts to attend to more serious incidents? Cameras are continuous.

People never seem to take responsibility for their actions. If people obey traffic laws, they never would be snapped by the cameras and have nothing to fear.




More promotions deserved attention

It’s a shame that the men and women who protect Toledo can’t be given more recognition for their promotions and accomplishments (“A new captain in the family,” July 18). A picture of one new captain in the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department was not a way to recognize all who were promoted at a recent ceremony.

Congratulations to all who were promoted, including a couple of people I know. I thank all of them for risking their lives to protect us.


Springfield Township