Kerry must focus on radical Islam


The Israeli-Palestinian problem is a sideshow (“High stakes in the Mideast,” editorial, Aug. 13).

Egypt is in turmoil. There is a civil war in Syria. Jordan is coping with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Democracy in Turkey is threatened. Iraq and Afghanistan are upset by years of war. There is general disquiet throughout the Arab world.

Secretary of State John Kerry should be focusing on how the United States and the West will deal with the primary issue: radical Islam.


Ottawa Hills


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Manning sentence a waste of money

Twenty-five-year-old Pfc. Bradley Manning is getting sentenced (“Army judge acquits private of aiding-the-enemy charge; But Manning found guilty of espionage counts,” July 31). His attorneys have gotten his maximum sentence reduced from 136 years to 90 years.

Is that a wise way for the U.S. Army to spend government money? No wonder we have such dire problems financially.

The one good thing about this is that I, who 90 years from now will be 170 years old, will be able to sleep well upon Manning’s release.


Weston, Ohio


Fort Hood case should end quickly

The Fort Hood murder trial is an example of how far off course our justice system is (“‘I am the shooter,’ Fort Hood officer says; Texas trial begins in deadly rampage,” Aug. 7).

Here we have a confessed murderer of 13 American solders — 32 others were injured — and this crazy case has dragged on for almost four years. This is a mockery of American justice.


Grand Rapids, Ohio


Role model article draws attention

Thank you for the inspiring story about Shawn Mahone, Sr., executive director of Young Men and Women For Change (“Agency chief to walk to Detroit; 50-mile hike to raise funds for behavior-modification group,” July 26).

We need more role models with the tenacity to carry on as Mr. Mahone has done, despite many challenges, to assist others in finding their way out of the darkness.

Mr. Mahone’s persistence in reaching out to youths at risk and having Aaron Davis, one of his “hardest cases,” become a success story — even though he was killed in an accident before he could graduate — has come full circle.


Philmar Drive