PETA off base on hunting


Congratulations on your July 17 editorial “PETA kills,” about the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ dog and cat extermination activities. PETA can justify reductions in the pet population, but not in the wild animal population.

PETA protests lawful hunting through numerous frivolous lawsuits, forcing game and fish agencies and sportsmen to spend money in court instead of protecting natural habitats.

Those who wish to support pet shelters should donate only to local facilities, not to deceptive PETA.

Weston, Ohio

Article portrays woes of shelters
Thank you for your article about the scores of cats found in a woman’s filthy trailer after local shelters apparently had told her that they could not take any in (“70 cats seized from trailer in Sandusky Co.; charges likely,” Aug. 14).

This scenario is played out all over the country, as pressure to raise shelter “save rates” means that the door is slammed in the faces of the neediest animals, resulting in abandonment, neglect, unwanted births, and other fates worse than death.

This “no-kill” business is a sham: Good shelters take all comers, regardless of adoptability, and face the harsh fact that there aren’t enough homes to go around for all the casually acquired and casually discarded dogs and cats.

They accept the fact that, therefore, many will have to be euthanized or they will suffer.

Working at the roots by sterilizing as many animals as possible is key. Otherwise, we get tragic and cruel situations such as the one that your article described.

President People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Washington, D.C.


Gerritt’s column on Detroit is tops
The Aug. 11 op-ed column by deputy editorial page editor Jeff Gerritt, “It’s a Detroit thing; you wouldn’t understand,” was the best one I have read yet on what has happened to Detroit.

I grew up in Detroit in the 1950s, and have since moved to Ohio. But I will always remember Detroit as I knew it, and no one or nothing can ever change that.

Thanks to Mr. Gerritt for putting in writing what I am sure many of us feel.

Leipsic, Ohio


America shouldexport solar panels
Peru is looking to provide free electricity to more than 2 million of its poorest citizens by harvesting energy from the sun. We could build solar panels for use there, creating American jobs.

Are we blinded by propaganda that solar and wind energy is not capable of making a difference?

East Streicher Street