Letters to the Editor

City has a bad attitude on business


I am tired of hearing Toledo Mayor Mike Bell blame everyone else for what he cannot get done. His remarks in Blade Editor David Kushma’s Aug. 18 op-ed column, “Mayor Bell: ‘No regrets’ over gang map flap,” adds to the static from his office.

Any investor in Toledo or any other city would do due diligence before making an agreement. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think that any city would be without problems.

Mayor Bell’s statement that investors backed out of a deal when they found out about gangs in Toledo amounts to the same old, same old.

I own a small family business on West Alexis Road. It has been in this spot for more than 40 years.

On May 11, I received a hand-delivered notice from the city’s division of code enforcement warning me of a violation. I supposedly placed my small free-standing plastic sign on a right of way.

I have used this sign for at least 15 years. Now it is a hazard?

A city employee should have told me how to correct the issue, but he did not. Later, I talked with a city employee who was helpful.

The City of Toledo has a bad attitude toward small business. I am looking for a place to move my business. It will not be in Toledo.


West Alexis Road


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Fracking is toxic process

Marilou Johanek told the truth about the dire consequences of the toxic process called fracking in her July 20 op-ed column, “Enjoy Ohio’s natural beauty; here comes fracking to ruin it.”

She is not fear-mongering; fracking is indeed frightening and is a toxic process. Every fact she stated can be verified by many published research studies.

Natural gas and oil corporations want us to believe that fracking will not have much impact on Ohio’s landscape. But studies, videos, and documentaries have shown that is not true.

Our cherished public lands face severe air and water pollution. The animal and plant species that depend on those lands face habitat loss. And people who live and recreate on or near these public lands face health threats.

Ohioans may not be aware of how few precious natural spaces are left in our state. We all need to enjoy our beautiful natural treasures, and do our best to protect them for future generations to enjoy.

Sustainable, renewable energy sources are much wiser choices.


Chairman Western Lake Erie Sierra Club Ivy Place