Letters to the Editor

TPS should keep away from EOPA


Your Aug. 26 editorial “New start for Head Start” advocates an alliance between Toledo Public Schools and the Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo to administer the local Head Start grant.

Why would TPS want to join with EOPA, which, as you reported in a May 14 story, had “a history of multiple deficiencies and areas of noncompliance on every [Office of Head Start] monitoring review in the past five years”?

The only reasonable explanation for your promotion of this alliance is pressure applied to you by one of the parties involved, or an agency behind the scenes.




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Warden right to euthanize dog

You concluded in your Aug. 24 editorial “Dead for a fine” that the dog named Cheerio was euthanized for lack of money. Yet a news article you ran indicates many other factors were involved.

To have a good-quality life, Cheerio would have needed a home with secure fencing and owners who had the time and money to invest in rehabilitating it. While there are such people, they seldom seek to adopt problem dogs.

Cheerio was euthanized by a conscientious dog warden who is doing her best to protect the public and find homes for the scores of sweet-tempered, loving dogs that, while not as cute as Cheerio, are perhaps more likely to be good pets.


Bowen Road


Blame pet owners, not dog warden

You cannot find a county pound in Ohio that does half as much for the dogs in their care as the Lucas County dog warden does.

Instead of making unwarranted attacks on the work that office is doing, you should put the blame where it belongs: on owners who view their dogs as disposable and a shortage of resources for the dogs nobody wants.




Going overboard on Cheerio

Why are you making a federal case over Cheerio? Kirk Walters’ Aug. 20 editorial cartoon was over the line.

This dog died because its owners could not be bothered to get it from the pound, and did not train him properly so it would not be aggressive.

The dog warden’s office went above and beyond trying to save Cheerio.