Letters to the Editor

Obamacare column half-baked


Eli Miller’s Aug. 22 op-ed column, “Cooking the books for Obamacare in Ohio,” appears to be half-baked. He accuses economists of being wrong with no data to support that indictment. He seems to imply that if Ohio initiates Medicaid expansion, people will die.

These are typical tactics used by many conservatives to intimidate people. Nowhere was it mentioned that the states that have approved the expansion are finding their health-insurance premiums lower than anticipated and are quite happy.

I found it appropriate that his column appeared above another op-ed column headlined: “War on Common Core: The right aims to keep America stupid.” I laughed, because the aim of Mr. Miller’s column was to keep America stupid.


Shoreland Avenue


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Chinese student’s case mishandled

What is going on with Bowling Green’s police, prosecutors, and municipal court that kidnapping is treated as a minor offense (“Chinese student abducted, robbed in ‘fun trip’ ruse; Victim driven to B.G., Holland in bid to extort ransom money,” Aug. 21)?

Why were the two young women who were charged released on their own recognizance? Do authorities in Bowling Green think that because the alleged victim was a Chinese student, justice doesn’t matter?

Students at the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University, and residents of Bowling Green, should be outraged at this travesty and make their voices heard. If national media get hold of this story, the authorities who are involved will be the laughingstock of America, and rightly so.




Help is available for babies, parents

I am tired of uninformed letter writers who claim that pro-lifers ignore mothers after the nine months we “so virtuously focus on” (“Conservatives tied to abortion ban,” Readers’ Forum, Aug. 4). Many organizations help moms, dads, and babies to be successful after the child is born.

Besides our organization, Heartbeat of Toledo, there are the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo, the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center, and other places that help families.

Other groups, including adoption agencies such as Catholic Charities, Spirit of Faith Adoptions, and Caring for Kids, will help birth moms and their babies to have happy lives.

Making an adoption plan is hard. But my three daughters’ birth moms will attest that making an adoption plan over an abortion plan is a choice they have never regretted.


Executive Director Heartbeat of Toledo Perrysburg


No abortion clinics? Priceless

In response to your Aug. 21 editorial “Heart failure”: Things that make Toledo great are the art museum, the symphony, the Mud Hens, affordable housing, and the University of Toledo. But to have zero abortion clinics — that’s priceless.


Middlesex Drive