Letters to the Editor

‘Batterers’ sheds light on a problem


Your Aug. 29 editorial “Battling batterers” was on the mark. It is difficult to capture many of the nuances of the issue of domestic violence, but you succinctly summed them up.

Thank you for recognizing Bethany House’s role as the only local long-term transitional housing dedicated to victims of domestic violence. I am chairman of Bethany House’s board of trustees. We are encouraged that prosecutors in Lucas County and Toledo Municipal Court are beefing up their staffs and trying new strategies in this fight.

I remain hopeful that Toledo Mayor Mike Bell and Police Chief Derrick Diggs will recognize the importance of increasing manpower in the police domestic violence unit. Thank you again for shining a light on this issue.


Hampton Avenue


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Sheriff’s deputies wrongly used

In response to the Aug. 28 op-ed column by Jeff Gerritt, The Blade’s deputy editorial page editor, “Central-city kids on a mission get wrong message from authorities”: All those Lucas County Sheriff’s deputies had nothing better to do? Only in Lucas County do they prevent people from helping.

Well, at least the sheriff is elected and can be voted out of office. Maybe a new sheriff will help.


Seckinger Street