Letters to the Editor

Workers to be paid; why shut down?


Since the 800,000 federal workers who have been furloughed will receive their back pay, why is there a shutdown at all (“Mad Hatter time,” editorial, Oct. 9)? Because Congress and the President have agreed on total reimbursement, we will be spending the money that’s held back anyway.

Thanks to the idiots we are allowing to run this country, the furloughed federal workers are on an unscheduled vacation with full deferred pay.

I’m glad Social Security recipients, the military, and other essential federal personnel are getting their pay on schedule. But because the government has no funding, shouldn’t those checks be bouncing?


Clover Lane


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Lawmakers need to work like we do

If elected lawmakers in Washington would work like taxpayers throughout this country do, we would not be where we are today.

All voting taxpayers should impeach each of those lawmakers and set up some rules for future lawmakers. No elected person can serve more than eight years in a lifetime. No more free postage, travel, meals, or other perks. Maybe then we can get people in office who would work for the public.

I would think our elected officials would be embarrassed by their childish behavior. How dare those elected people take their pay while the working class goes without? They remind me of adult bullies.


Fox Borough Court


If shutdown was like baseball …

In the first game of the World Series, Team A beats Team B, but players on Team B challenge the outcome because they don’t want to face their disgruntled fans or lose their jobs.

Does Team B have the right to shut down the World Series by saying it will not allow the series to continue unless the outcome of the first game is set aside?

The Affordable Care Act is in the books as a win. The GOP should quit whining and let the American people get on with their lives.




Maybe the queen will take us back

Given our ineffective and dysfunctional federal government, we should petition Queen Elizabeth II to accept us back as a colony. I have a lot more confidence in her abilities to govern than I have in any of our elected politicians.