What came of ‘united we stand’?


The only thing the government shutdown has accomplished is to call attention to how dysfunctional our government officials are (“Senate extends stalemate as debt tensions simmer; Dems refuse latest deal; rally draws riot police,” Oct. 14).

They are teaching the world that democracy does not work. They are teaching our kids that negotiation is not a option, but bullying is. We wonder why other countries do not respect us as a nation, when Americans do not trust our government.

I just returned from Washington with a group of 20 people from our church. Most of them were more than 60 years old. The group included Democrats and Republicans. We enjoyed our trip because we love each other.

This county is being ripped apart by those who should be using every opportunity to bring us together. What has happened to the “united we stand, divided we fall” philosophy in Washington?

Heritage Church of God, Monclova Township

Let’s hope savings help pay off debt
Considering that we have to continue working and paying taxes while the government does nothing during this shutdown, the government is saving a bundle. Let’s hope those savings go toward the national debt, or all this will be for nothing.

Islington Street


This isn’t what Founders meant
While President Obama’s opponents worry about his alleged socialist bent, the Tea Party nut cases are taking us down the much more treacherous path toward anarchy.

In his Oct. 11 op-ed column, “Where are mainstream Republicans?”, Thomas Friedman notes that some Republicans are “kowtowing” to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and his band of nihilists. This minority is wielding power greatly out of proportion to the more sensible majority.

Many members of Congress make decisions to please the Tea Party. Their priority is to remain in office and not suffer the wrath of right-wing extremists in the next election. The needs of the country are relegated to secondary status.

It seems that the national pastime is to interpret what our Founding Fathers intended when they framed our government. This style of decision-making is not what they had in mind.



GOP’s actions threaten economy
Republicans are job killers. With Republican support — such as by U.S. Rep. Bob Latta of Bowling Green and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio — for the government shutdown, that is what is happening.

Mr. Latta and Mr. Portman have the right to object to laws they disagree with. But they and their fellow Republicans do not have the right to shut down the government and threaten the nation’s economy because they oppose a law.

Carskaddon Avenue