Letters to the Editor

City should sell land to doers


Too many people are missing the core issue of the Marina District in this Toledo mayoral election (“Marina myths, realities,” editorial, Sept. 26).

When the city sells property, it should create jobs. When land is sold to an investor who does not build or create jobs, the opportunity to sell the land to someone who will do those things is lost. It can be viable to sell land well under market value if the investor will help property values.

We need business and employment to keep people in the city. We don’t need companies buying real estate and sitting on it, possibly waiting to flip it.


Aldringham Road


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‘Betrayed’ omits talk of U.S. debt

Your Oct. 7 guest editorial “A population betrayed” describes the “callousness of state officials who victimize the poor,” and urged “congressional Republicans [to] give up on their obsession with destroying the health reform law.”

The editorial referred to the 26 states that did not accept “incredibly generous federal funds” to cover Medicaid programs for the poor.

I found no mention of the national debt that would be further increased by this incredibly generous funding.


Briarwood Lane


Immigrants get attention over vets

Despite the closure of the National Mall and monuments during the government shutdown, immigration advocates rallied at the Capitol (“8 House Democrats arrested in D.C. rally,” Oct. 9).

President Obama and his administration have a history of picking and choosing which laws they want to obey. This is no different.

Americans who fought for freedom were denied access to the World War II Memorial, while a concert and rally focused on illegal immigrants. This should outrage every American.


Sylvania Township


Shutdown poses juxtapositions

The presidential retreat of Camp David was open, yet the Defense Department cut televised sports programming to our troops overseas.

We need to elect responsible people to run our economy upward instead of into the ground.

Politicians should stop the name-calling between parties and get down to serious business.


305th Street