Shame on Latta, Jordan on votes


I could not believe that two congressmen from northwest Ohio voted against reopening the government and raising the debt limit (“Jordan and Latta votes raise questions; Shutdown crisis, future leave residents uneasy,” Oct. 20).

U.S. Reps. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) and Jim Jordan (R., Urbana) are in gerrymandered districts that offer certainty that a Republican will win election. Are they so afraid of their primaries that they would risk a global recession? Do they think government workers are such a waste that they are not needed?

Our money is backed by the full faith of our government, yet they were willing to risk it all to protect their voting records.

When they wake up in the morning, how can they stand to look in a mirror? Reps. Latta and Jordan, shame on you.

London Ridge

Being out of touch a Latta trend
Either Mr. Latta is forgetful or his minders are not passing along messages from his constituents. I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that it is the latter.

His stance on the debt ceiling and the Affordable Care Act was not in the best interest of his constituents. His willingness to put the nation and the world at risk of a depression show a fundamental lack of understanding.

There is a pattern of his becoming more isolated: not having town hall meetings, or downgrading them to phone-type sessions. His staff said he does not have time to meet with me, after I tried to set up a meeting with him a number of times.

Mr. Latta is out of touch with his constituents and wants to stay that way.

Metamora, Ohio


Compassionate Republican sought
Because of gerrymandering, I am in Mr. Jordan’s district. The day after the partial government shutdown, I wrote to him to express my concern about his vote and how as a small-business person I just lost a $400 housing reservation from a furloughed federal employee.

I am resigned to the idea that in my district, I most likely will always have a Republican member of Congress. But I want a compassionate, critical-thinking Republican.

I have met a number of that kind of Republican in my district, but none desires to be in politics. I wonder why.

Bellevue, Ohio


Latta shouldn’t be with Tea Partiers
I called Rep. Latta’s Bowling Green office to voice my opposition to his no vote on ending the shutdown. My district is conservative, but we’re not Tea Partiers. We don’t need a candidate who runs with that pack.