Districts stuck with Latta, Jordan


Northwest Ohio voters are stuck with U.S. Reps. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) and Jim Jordan (R., Urbana). Their political buddies in Columbus gerrymandered their districts to be so safe that no Democratic Party challenger has any realistic chance of defeating them in a general election (“Jordan and Latta votes raise questions; Shutdown crisis, future leave residents uneasy,” Oct. 20).

The only risk of not being re-elected is a primary challenge from a more-conservative candidate with strong Tea Party support. It will continue to be in their best interests politically to adhere to the Tea Party agenda, so listening to the concerns of voters who disagree with their political positions is not necessary.

This is the evil of gerrymandering. How else could Ohio re-elect a Democratic U.S. senator, give the majority of the state vote to the incumbent President, a Democrat, and still elect 10 of 12 Republican congressional representatives by double-digit margins in the 2012 election?




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No surprise in Latta, Jordan vote

Is anyone really surprised that Reps. Latta and Jordan voted against the budget and debt-ceiling bill? Given the choice between a health care system that may or may not cause fiscal problems and the nation defaulting, causing an almost certain global recession and at least a decade of fiscal chaos, only those who drink the Ayn Rand Kool-Aid would choose the latter and pat themselves on the back for their principled stand.

These lawmakers listen to the echo chamber of their gerrymandered districts and have the gall to claim they represent the American people.

It will be interesting to see whether non-Tea Party regular Republicans stand up for these guys in the next election. If they do, then everybody will know that the Republican Party is not interested in what’s best for the country, only what’s best for the party.




Latta’s vote seen as dangerous

I thought Bob Latta inherited a cushy political life and posed little threat to me or my West Toledo neighborhood. I never knew or cared much about him.

However, because he was forced on me through Republican redistricting, I paid attention to his vote on the debt ceiling. I will never forget that he voted against the bipartisan deal to end a looming financial crisis.

His role in furloughing hundreds of thousands of federal workers, closing government offices, and threatening the benefits of seniors on Social Security and retired and disabled veterans makes him unfit to represent me.

I hope everyone else in Ohio’s 5th Congressional District understands what a dangerous vote he cast.


Oak Grove Place


Latta dismisses his public’s views

As a constituent of the 5th District, I feel alienated from the political process when Rep. Latta dismisses his constituents’ opinions and states he hasn’t heard of any backlash from his votes.