Nod goes to Bell for experience


Mayor Mike Bell has gained important experience running the city administration. He may have made some errors in managerial judgment, but he has also shown progressive and smart leadership by making some unpopular decisions in the greater interest of the city.

We should benefit from Mr. Bell’s experience and minimize any repeat of mistakes by an inexperienced person placed in such an important position.

In his second term, Mr. Bell could form an even better team to work with him. Leaders such as mayoral challenger D. Michael Collins could be part of his team.

We should not allow the mayor’s position to be a training ground for a new mayor every four years.

If he is re-elected, Mr. Bell must give greater importance to better education facilities, public safety, and bringing in more investment by domestic as well as foreign companies.


Monclova Township


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Bell’s S.B. 5 drive not a good sign

I am a young African-American who grew up in the inner city and made it out. I urge people to vote for Mr. Collins for mayor of Toledo. He is an honorable man who has fought for the working class, the poor, and the homeless. Mr. Bell fought for Senate Bill 5, which would have destroyed the working class.

Do not be fooled by Mayor Bell’s charm. If he is re-elected, it’s going to be all about him and Gov. John Kasich fighting for Ohio to become a right-to-work state.

People shouldn’t let race come into play. Beware of Mr. Bell.


Keygate Drive


Collins’ sister voices opinion

Mayor Bell does not care what people think of him. Everything seems to be on a need-to-know basis with him, and he decides what people need to know. He sounds arrogant and snobbish.

Mr. Collins is the right man for the job. He cares. I know. I am his sister.


Millbury, Ohio


Collins called man of integrity

The outcome of the Toledo mayor’s race isn’t important to me. I don’t know Mayor Bell, but from what I see, he has done a decent job.

I do know Mike Collins. I worked for him for two years at the University of Toledo. Although I may not agree with all of his policies, I have never met a man with more integrity. He has a strong moral compass.

His constituents will never worry about his motives; he will do what is right. This may not make him a great politician, but I believe he would be pleased more to be called a great man.


Perrysburg Township


A diligent Bell is her mayoral pick

The better choice for mayor of Toledo is Mike Bell. He has worked diligently on behalf of all of us.

He has emphasized that he always operates within the constraints of available funds. He knows it is political suicide to offer a municipal paradise without asking for substantially more tax revenue.

He offers what he delivered for decades: service to Toledo. Now that he has served his apprenticeship, I am eager to see what he will do with what he has learned.


Hampton Avenue