President losing trust of nations


What a change there’s been in the Obama Administration: The governments of Germany, France, and other European nations, and our hemispheric neighbors Brazil and Mexico have lost trust in us (“U.S. spying hurts trust, Europe says; Report: NSA monitored 35 world leaders’ phones,” Oct. 25).

In the early days of his presidency, Mr. Obama was hailed by the media for a speech he gave in Berlin.

He had better start taking care of business before his administration loses the confidence of his own party.


Cruz deservedly headed for a fall
There can be little doubt that with his bombastic declarations and gross behavior, Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is headed for a fall (“GOP needs to keep Cruz quiet,” op-ed column, Oct. 24).



Justice unfulfilled in Henry Co. case
If Richard Myers were poor or nonwhite, the court decision in his financial-interest disclosure case would have been much different (“Ex-Henry Co. commissioner avoids prison for felony; Official guilty of illegal interest in contract,” Oct. 4). This case needs some type of judicial review and must be overturned. Mr. Myers needs to serve time, repay the money, and have a fourth-degree felony on his record.



Warehousing inmates must end
Why do we insist on warehousing these criminals who, because of the severity of their crimes, have no chance of ever getting out of prison and leading a productive life (“Toledoan gets life for murder,” Oct. 1)? Our court system doesn’t seem to be working, because our prisons are overcrowded and some prisoners don’t respond to rehabilitation.

Our society might want to take a lesson from the court in India that sentenced four men to hang for raping and killing a woman. India isn’t going to spend outrageous amounts of money warehousing each of those men for the next 50 years.

That court gave those men the same courtesy and compassion that the victim was shown.

Bapst Avenue


Women need to face consequences
Your Oct. 6 article “Nutrition program for poor imperiled; Mothers fear loss of subsidized infant formula” mentioned a young mother who cannot afford her infant’s formula. If she couldn’t afford $40 a week for formula, she should not have had intercourse, because she cannot afford the consequence: a child.

Taxpayers are tired of paying for other people’s kids. Maybe this will be a lesson to all young people to not have sex if they cannot afford the consequence that follows.

South Reynolds Road