Low voter turnout a trend


A 25 percent voter turnout in this month’s election in Toledo is a sign of the times (“They gave an election and almost no one came,” op-ed column, Nov. 10). Voters have come to believe that their vote doesn’t matter.

We see increased voter apathy as our middle-class jobs and standard of living are under attack. Politicians of both parties are gravitating to monied interests, not the voter.

Until our vote makes a difference, the trend will continue.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.


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It’s too early for Christmas lights

On our way home one recent night, my husband and I saw several homes with Christmas lights. We were aghast.

People are rushing Christmas at the expense of celebrating Thanksgiving first. Giving thanks is what we should be doing now.

Thanksgiving is to be spent giving thanks for the many blessings we have, and spending time with important people in our lives. It is not for watching football or buying stuff for Christmas.

Shopping at stores open on the day meant for giving thanks will keep others away from their loved ones.


Temperance, Mich.


Holiday buying misses the point

People are sucked into Christmas shopping. Ads in newspapers and on television that promote all this buying are outrageous.

I will be 71 years old in February. My family had little when I was growing up. Our Christmases were simple but happy ones, and always centered on church — the real reason for Christmas.




Good zoo news a nice surprise

Reading the recent edition of the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums magazine, my wife and I were pleased to see an article about the Toledo Zoo. The article described the extensive cooperation between the zoo and the Toledo Museum of Art on this year’s Wild Walkabout display and Australian Aboriginal art exhibit.

We are certain that there are many other examples of positive press for the Toledo area that aren’t seen by the general public. We were pleased to see this one.




‘God’ needs to be in academy oath

The United States Air Force Academy may drop “so help me God” from its honor oath. This is not acceptable.

Taking God out of our lives is why we are in the trouble we’re in today. I want God back in our lives.