Article, placement add to negativity


Your article about “EconCat88” on the front page of The Blade is abhorrent (“EconCat88: Trashing Toledo one negative video at a time; Anonymous critic hides in shadows of Internet,” Nov. 24).

Toledo does not need this negativity. Because the critic exists and has made videos, that doesn’t rationalize the high exposure that you have given him.

Your Nov. 28 article said that “any good journalism or social commentary should provide context and try to inform and not to mislead.” Yet the fact that you published a front-page article with a negative headline, forcing readers to go deep into Page 8 for context, only shows that you are seeking sensationalism.

As a daily Blade reader, I am deeply disappointed in your decision to feature such a destructive article. Do you not see that your article damages Toledo and thus your source of readership?


Sylvania Township


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Videos rightly showed reality

No wonder EconCat88 wants to remain anonymous. People would lynch him.

However, I agree with him. If Toledo is so great, why do the sites that were shown in his videos exist, and why is no one fixing these problems?

Is Toledo Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins the only one to say that the videos are accurate, and that “defining our problems is one thing, but it is shallow if there are no efforts to correct them”? I hope he will do something about these conditions.


Grand Rapids, Ohio