Handshake a start to end embargo?


I don’t agree with President Obama much of the time, but I thought that his handshake with President Raul Castro of Cuba at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela was symbolic (“Obama, Raul Castro share rare handshake; Some irate at gesture toward Cuba’s leader,” Dec. 11).

Why do we still have an embargo against Cuba? The Soviet Union ceased to exist at the end of 1991, and communism is really not a threat anymore. Cuba wants to do us no harm.

Why do we still have a grudge against this island nation? We deal with communist nations such as Laos, Vietnam, and China on a normal basis.

It is time to normalize relations with Cuba and end the embargo against trade and travel. There is no reason that Cuba and the United States cannot co-exist.


Obama-Castro gesture empty
Although the handshake between President Obama and President Castro at the Mandela memorial looked like a sign of good faith, it was meaningless. The two men have not attempted to make any progress with peace talks.

Even though there has been ample time to try to make a change, neither country has stepped forward in an effort to improve the world.

At an occasion such as Mr. Mandela’s funeral, there is nothing to be said for an empty action. Presidents Obama and Castro need to act.



Treece column mean-spirited
The mean-spirited Dec. 10 column by Keith C. Burris, “Treece boys not ready for prime time,” left me angry.

It surprises me that Mr. Burris has the audacity to accuse the Treece family of arrogance and ignorance. Mr. Burris needs to consult a therapist about civility.

I would much rather be considered a neoconservative than a narrow-minded liberal such as Mr. Burris.



Where are lanes for efficient cars?
Now that the I-475 highway rebuilding project is almost complete, there is no designated lane specifically for efficient means of transportation, such as hybrids, plug-in electric vehicles, buses, and motorcycles (“I-475 work winds down; I-75 next,” Nov. 14).

A designated lane to offer easier traffic flow would help consumers make wise decisions to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle. It looks as if officials decided against Toledo being a forward-acting city.

Sylvania Township