Minimum-wage hike right move


I find it uncomfortable to live in a world where so many who are fortunate can’t find a good way to help those who are not, such as raising the minimum wage (“Worthy of their hire,” editorial, Jan. 1).

Some people complain about have-nots getting welfare for doing nothing. But those complainers should realize that helping a few hard-working Americans by paying a higher minimum wage makes all of us better off.

Do people really believe that fast-food restaurants or fine dining places are going to go out of business or reduce their staff if they pay a higher minimum wage?

A minimum-wage increase might negatively affect a few fringe businesses. But don’t Republicans believe that bad businesses should be culled anyway?


Springfield Township


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Let’s hear it for capitalism

There is a reason for income inequality: Those who produce more are rewarded with more.

It is hard work. It is a person making the most of his or her talents. It is taking risks. It is taking responsibility. It is drive and pride in accomplishment.

There is a path, and a person has to find it. Isn’t that the heart of capitalism, and what makes this country the envy of the world?

Are Americans sure they want to move toward an economy where there is little incentive to improve? Where big government tells people what they can and cannot do? Socialism has not worked in the past, and there is little evidence that it will in the future.

The economy needs the Steve Jobs, Henry Fords, and Warren Buffetts to supply vision and innovation, take risks, and provide capital. These people became rich and famous, and they created many jobs and improved the lives of many people.

We need an economic environment that allows entrepreneurs to flourish.


Gibsonburg, Ohio


Common Core does add up

I am still reeling from the Sylvania forum in which people ripped the new Common Core state standards (“Forum rips Ohio’s new education standards; Critics call changes sign of national control, Dec. 13).

Critics said the standards would push social justice and progressive ideas on unwilling families. One critic said Common Core is “evil.”

I taught mathematics for 47 years and always focused on the distributive property, calling it the most important property we learn prior to calculus.

Would someone from the forum explain how I was indoctrinating students in progressive ideas? My mathematics are the same as Common Core’s.


Darlington Road


Arming everyone not a wise move

The concept that more “good guys” with guns is the answer is not always true (“An armed public is a safe public,” Readers’ Forum, Dec. 22.)

In the Washington Navy Yard shooting last November, the bad guy with a gun shot the good guy with a gun and then took the good guy’s gun and shot more people.

More guns available to everyone is not the solution.