‘Sensible’ abortion is oxymoron


Marilou Johanek’s Jan. 18 op-ed column, “It’s time to heal the national rift from Roe vs. Wade,” acknowledges yet misses how abortion has harmed the nation.

Ms. Johanek says abortion is a “stain on our nation’s soul,” but she also says that Americans seem willing to settle in a “sensible middle” about abortion.

If we are going to say that abortion has stained our country’s soul — and I agree that it has — we cannot also be complacent with the Supreme Court decision that imposed the stain. With abortion, as with any type of murder, there simply cannot be a “sensible middle.”

I agree with Ms. Johanek that changing hearts and minds is the most critical factor in making abortion obsolete. Those changes occur when we offer women an alternative to the despair that accompanies abortion.

Let’s reject the dangerous extremism of tolerating and legalizing murder, and acknowledge that the only legitimate role of government is to defend life.



Ohio Right to Life



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It’s good to make time for friends

I was pleasantly surprised by Marilou Johanek’s Jan. 11 op-ed column, “Death underscores the need to stop and smell the roses of friendship.”

She’s right to say that each of us needs to make time to spend with friends before it’s too late.


Monclova Township


Metroparks officer went beyond duty

My thanks to park ranger Tom Schumaker of the Metroparks of the Toledo Area for his assistance on Jan. 9. Recovering from my third pain pump surgery, I left my home to visit my parents in Perrysburg.

On my way home, I drove through Side Cut Metropark to look for deer. My truck broke down. A good person who was there towed my truck to a private area and Officer Schumaker showed up.

A towing service said it would take as long as six hours before I could be helped. I was not dressed to be out in the cold for that long.

Mr. Schumaker offered me a warm seat in his vehicle. He offered to take me home and return to the park to be sure my truck was towed to my house. He called me that evening and told me my truck was on its way.

He is a park ranger who went beyond his work duties.


Eleanor Avenue


Macy’s does well, then cuts 2,500

Macy’s Inc. announced that its sales over the holidays were great (“Macy’s announces plan to ax 2,500 jobs after strong holidays,” Jan. 9). So what does it do? It plans to lay off 2,500 workers.

Isn’t greed just great? Or is this an example of “trickle down” economics?


Perrysburg Township