Creativity can make up for lost schooling


Instead of bemoaning the loss of school days because of extreme weather, The Blade should demand an overhaul of the school calendar and school day (“No school snow job,” editorial, Jan. 29).

Missed days take away instruction time. However, as a retired teacher, I always looked at these situations as a time to clean the cupboard. Lessons can always be combined, and other creative ways found to make up missed lessons.

I have never understand how extending the school year or day will lead to better education. Children have only so much of an attention span.




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Cancer patient’s story inspiring

Your Jan. 27 article “B.G. man with cancer on pace to fulfill his marathon dream” told the inspiring story of Joe Boyle, a local teacher living with cancer. I am a friend and former colleague of Mr. Boyle.

His goodness is simple, deep, and genuine. As an educator, he exemplifies the injunction that a teacher takes everything, including himself, seriously only as it affects his students.

Mr. Boyle’s success with students rests in large part on his fundamental conviction that when you honestly look for good in others, it’s surprising how often you find it.

Students respond accordingly: They sense his deep concern for their well-being, trust him implicitly, and count themselves lucky to have him as their teacher.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all of us.


Old Stone Court


Why do bad things happen?

As I read the account of the untimely but heroic deaths of two Toledo firefighters, I shook my head in disbelief, shed a tear, and asked the age-old question: Why do bad things happen to good people? (“Test of character,” editorial, Feb. 4).


McComb, Ohio


Canadian anthem parody degrading

It’s degrading that Buckeye CableSystem’s fight with Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. has led it to air a commercial that includes a parody of the Canadian national anthem. How would Buckeye feel if Canadian TV did a parody of “The Star-Spangled Banner”?


Temperance, Mich.


WNWO can stay off Buckeye

I am tired of people telling Buckeye CableSystem to pay Sinclair whatever it wants to bring WNWO, Channel 24, back on cable (“Buckeye-Sinclair rift is childish,” Readers’ Forum, Feb. 4).

I never watch WNWO. Cable TV rates are already too high. Buckeye shouldn’t bring back WNWO.


Sylvania Township