Snow level shifts likely saved lives


Like many other Toledo area residents during last week’s bad weather, I went online to read about the decision by Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp to raise and lower snow emergency levels (“Level 3 lifesaver,” editorial, Feb. 7). Blade readers’ comments were mixed, with a lot of readers claiming that the levels were changed too often.

The sheriff, Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins, and Carol Contrada, the president of the Lucas County Board of Commissioners, should be commended instead of criticized. A lot of accidents were prevented, and lives probably were saved, as a result of their wise decisions. Kudos to them.


Sylvania Township

Editor’s note: The writer is chairman of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority’s airport committee.


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Toledo’s brand: Maritime center

As a theme for Toledo, why not: “Toledo, the Maritime Center of Lake Erie” (“Toledo is losing the branding battle,” op-ed column, Jan. 19)?

We have one of the best maritime academies in the country. The National Museum of the Great Lakes will open this spring. It will display the SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker freighter, which was built in Toledo.

Toledo has a great waterfront with restaurants, and maybe someday will have a developed Marina District.

It’s a great boating center with several yacht clubs. In winter, there is ice boating and fishing. We have Maumee River cruises, and maybe a Great Lakes cruise line will schedule a stop here.


310st Street