It’s GOP that is scary


George F. Will’s Feb. 11 op-ed column, “The scariness behind Obama’s words and numbers,” is the pot calling the kettle black.

President Obama has offered a seat at the table to conservatives on issues such as the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, the minimum wage, budgets, unemployment compensation extension, and others. Time after time, Republicans have balked at or mustered more filibusters against those issues.

The GOP is a house divided, thanks to the Tea Party. That is the only practical use for the Tea Party; its members should keep up the good work.




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WNWO dispute inconvenient

Buckeye CableSystem is going to credit its customers’ bills by 24 cents a month during the dispute that is keeping WNWO, Channel 24, off cable service. But we deserve more than that for the inconvenience this dispute is putting us through (“40 hear of Channel 24 dispute; Meeting involves Sinclair’s attempt for $2 a customer,” Feb. 4).

We are held captive by this cable company because no other cable companies do business in Sylvania Township, where I live. Instead of running ads to get the public’s sympathy, Buckeye should settle its differences with WNWO’s owner, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., and go on with the business of serving the people of the Toledo area.

And when the issue is settled — if I haven’t switched to DirecTV by then — I hope Buckeye doesn’t raise our monthly bills by any more than the 24 cents it credited us.


Sylvania Township


Vacant hotel still an eyesore

Where are the owners of the former Clarion Hotel on South Reynolds Road? It is time to rid the area of this eyesore, which has been empty for years.

It has numerous broken windows and graffiti. Putting up “Do Not Trespass” signs does not take care of the problem.

People who drive by the site have had to put up with that dump long enough.



Editor’s note: Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins last week announced plans to acquire the building at no cost to the city. He said grants are available to help raze the building if it is part of an economic development project.


So what if pols skipped service?

In response to the Feb. 6 Readers’ Forum letter “Where were Latta and Portman?”: So what if U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) and U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) did not attend the memorial service for the two Toledo firefighters who died in the line of duty? Those firefighters were well represented.

I lost a cousin who was close to me after surgery. At her funeral, there was not one elected official or a representative from the hospital. Yet she was well represented by her family and friends.

Why do people have to bring politics into something so personal?




EPA regulations encroach too far

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is going after the use of fireplaces (“EPA proposes new rules for wood-fired heaters; Agency wants to curb harmful emissions,” Jan. 5). I’m sure that the expense of purchasing and owning a fireplace will escalate each year.

People who want job security at the expense of the public and American industry should work for the EPA. It seems to write new environmental regulations each year, so job security there is guaranteed.

These new regulations will not stop until Americans tell the EPA that enough is enough. We all want clean air and water, but it’s time to give industry and the average American a break.


Reading, Mich.