Unions aided at city pools’ expense


The recent action of Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins to eliminate funding for swimming pools confirms that one of his top priorities is repaying the unions that supported his campaign against former Mayor Mike Bell (“Mayor scrambles for funds to run 6 city-owned pools; Collins reverses closing plans,” March 7).

Mr. Collins found funds to pay for raises for 911 dispatchers, and gave them more sick days, while eliminating funding for public swimming pools. Many of us expected that he would pay back his union supporters at the expense of the majority of Toledo taxpayers. He didn’t relent. Now he’s trying to find funding for pools after the issue was in the media.

People will see that this administration puts the mayor’s union cronies first and the majority of Toledo taxpayers second.


Perrysburg Township


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Any savings from mild winters?

With all the fuss about money spent on salt, plowing, and the overtime to handle all the snow this season, has anyone asked Toledo City Council what happened to all the money saved from the two previous mild winters?


Regina Parkway


Obama misses the point of his talk

In her Feb. 15 op-ed column, “Obama’s preaching on religious liberty rings hollow,” Kathleen Parker quotes President Obama as saying at a prayer breakfast that there is a strong correlation between religious freedom and a nation’s stability: Nations that uphold the rights of their people — including the freedom of religion — are ultimately more just and more peaceful and more successful.”

Because our government has taken away the rights of our unborn children, and since President Obama has not recognized the religious rights of those who oppose abortion and contraception under his Affordable Care Act, we can conclude that the opposite must also be true. Our nation will not be more just, will not be more peaceful, and will not be more successful until we change.

He seem to see clearly the splinter in the eyes of other nations, while missing the log in his.




Brooks got parable wrong

David Brooks’ Feb. 19 op-ed column, “The prodigal sons, 2014,” does great disservice to Jesus’ parable.

Mr. Brooks’ detour into social policy-making violates the intent of Jesus’ parable, which is about grace, not works. Neither is it about meals, community projects, or infrastructure-building.

Any compassionate and meaningful policies that may grow out of learning this parable’s lesson are but mere reflections of the love God has first showered on us.


Monclova Township