Dogs should not run loose


I read your March 7 article “Owners plead for 2 dogs that killed pigs; Michigan law demands canines that harm livestock must die” twice, hoping to find a reason for Ohio dogs to be running loose in Michigan. That bit of information was never addressed.

Whether the pigs were killed by the dogs is not the issue. The dogs were running loose.

When I adopted each of my Great Danes, I signed a contract stating that the dogs would have access to a fenced-in yard. An invisible fence was not an option.

I am thrilled that under the management of Julie Lyle, director of Lucas County Canine Care & Control, fewer dogs are euthanized. However, stiff penalties must be in place against owners who allow their dogs to roam free.


Floyd Street


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Add compassion to firefighters’ list

With the recent deaths of James Dickman and Stephen Machcinski, much has been said about the bravery of Toledo firefighters (“Firefighter’s parents thank community,” Readers’ Forum, March 9). There is one more attribute: compassion.

Three times in the past two years, most recently last month, my mother has fallen. Each time, the men and women of the Toledo Fire Department who responded were professional and caring.

On their last visit, my mother told the two paramedics as they were leaving: “You guys at Fire Station 25 are my favorite.”

To them and all the other members of the Toledo Fire Department, thank you.


Drummond Road


UT’s Thompson deserves respect

I was happy to see the Blade recognize Lance Thompson, one of the University of Toledo’s outstanding professors and administrators (“UT lauds 1st black professor’s work, spirit; 40-year veteran taught many lessons, but learned some too,” Feb. 24). Mr. Thompson was a fixture at UT when I attended. He deserves our appreciation and respect.

But please don’t perpetuate the myth that “Toledo University” was the official name of UT before 1967. Its name was officially the University of Toledo since at least 1941.

Look it up. Better yet, ask Mr. Thompson the name of the school that hired him.



Editor’s note: A UT spokesman confirmed that the institution became the University of Toledo in 1941.


UAW stands against the 1%

A massive campaign of fear and intimidation by the likes of Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Grover Norquist overwhelmed the powerless factory workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tenn., facility (“UAW’s defeat,” editorial, Feb. 19).

Without the strong advocacy of a strong United Auto Workers union, manufacturing in the United States will be doomed to the stifling control of an all-powerful 1 percent global elite.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.