Lake Erie trumps voter fraud


The Ohio General Assembly seems to have its priorities in the wrong place (“Ohio mistrusts democracy,” guest editorial, March 19). It has forgotten that Lake Erie is our greatest natural resource. It seems to believe it is more important to work on three different bills under the guise of voter fraud, to try to limit minority voting.

Why can’t the legislature develop more important laws that protect our great resource? Having Lake Erie turn emerald green with algae is not something of which any Ohio resident should be proud. Neither should we be proud of this legislature. But I suppose that the lawmakers who gerrymandered themselves into a job think: Why care?


Sylvania Township


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Column shines a light on bishop

My husband and I appreciate the commentaries by Keith C. Burris, but his March 11 one, “Seeking peace and keeping the faith,” that highlighted one of our modern prophets, Bishop Tom Gumbleton, was exceptional.

Bishop Gumbleton of the Catholic Diocese of Detroit is a man of strength, speaking truth. This courageous gentleman endures the consequences with dignity and without anger.

But without Mr. Burris, many people would not know about Bishop Gumbleton, or so many of the other positive programs, people, and activities in our communities.




No student should work for a lunch

In response to Gail Collins’ March 15 op-ed column, “The battle over school lunches”: No recipient of a free school lunch should ever have to work for that lunch.

I worked in Oregon City Schools cafeterias for more than 25 years. The lunches there were nutritious, well planned, and attractive. Today, I would most likely be let go because of the oversize portions I served students who requesting them.

All students should receive a free lunch. Or at least the price should be lowered so students can purchase a candy bar, flavored potato chips, or popcorn




Gum control: A topic to chew on

As a law-abiding gum enthusiast, I was appalled by the headline of your March 17 article “Gum control: Correlation between good oral health and healthy heart is strong.”

The Blade’s hidden agenda for greater gum control has never been more evident. I’ve been around gum since I was 5 years old. I am tired of calls for gum control. What’s next — concealed carry permits and background checks?


Robinwood Avenue