No hope leads to addiction


I am not surprised by the recent heroin epidemic (“Exploding epidemic,” editorial, April 27). Drug use by people who have little or no hope for the future is not uncommon.

Many people are unemployed and have quit looking for work. So young people without jobs get high, often ending up with a record of criminal theft to support their evil habit.


126th Street


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Husted’s timing seems suspect

The timing of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s realignment of the Lucas County Board of Elections is suspect (“Husted won’t detail charges against 5 top local officials; Specific violations will be provided in hearings,” May 14).

Gov. John Kasich’s regime has a history of vote suppression in Ohio. Mr. Husted already has reduced the amount of time for absentee voting for Ohioans.

Does Mr. Husted want to control the way votes are counted or discarded here by stacking the county board with his cronies? That would be the ultimate form of vote suppression.




Big voter turnout would’ve been bad

Thank goodness the turnout in Lucas County for the primary election was 10 percent of registered voters. If more people had voted, the Lucas County Board of Elections may not have had the results until July (“Primary stress,” editorial, May 8).


North Wheeling Street


They behave like kids; treat them so

Mr. Husted should not fire the members of the Lucas County Board of Elections. He should put them in time-out for a week or two, then enroll them in a program until they can learn to play well with their peers.

If this fails, he should take them to the woodshed.


Heatherwood Drive


Weighing issues of dog park, voting

Toledo is Ohio’s largest city without a public off-the-leash dog park (“Park for barks,” editorial, May 10). Of the 88 Ohio county boards of elections, Lucas County apparently ranks last.

Which of the two is more challenging to fix?


107th Street


Elections board needs replaced

Why did it take a special panel from Columbus to say that Lucas County has a dysfunctional board of elections (“State group chastises local elections board,” April 16)?It’s about time that the whole board is replaced.


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