Dollar stores reflect excess of low wages


The fact that dollar stores are in so many locations speaks to the need for value shopping (“Spread of dollar-discount sites has some in Toledo concerned; Officials torn between welcoming jobs, squirming over effect,” May 18). But did it occur to people that if the minimum hourly wage was raised, the need for a dollar store on seemingly every corner wouldn’t be necessary?

If people could count on a living wage instead of being part of the working poor, they could afford to shop at stores that sell high-quality items, not disposable ones.

A true way for people to show that they care for their neighbors who have no choice but to shop at dollar stores is to vote for politicians who will push for an increase in the minimum wage, and will do what it takes to lift people from poverty.


Hazelhurst Avenue


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E-cigarette effects still cloudy

The use of electronic cigarettes has risen in the past few years, raising questions about their dangers and usefulness (“FDA’s spark,” editorial, May 3). The desire to smoke e-cigarettes in most part is related to avoiding tobacco use, which has adverse effects on health.

Lung cancer, or cancer of any body organ, is not linked to nicotine, but to the tar derived from processing tobacco leaves for cigarettes. When one smokes, several carcinogens are released and inhaled.

Nicotine is not known to be a carcinogen. Nicotine, however, is a powerful constrictor of blood vessels. The effect can cause chest pain and may lead to a heart attack. It also may cause an irregular heartbeat.

The amount of nicotine in an e-cigarette is not controlled and may cause unpredictable effects. The addition of flavoring makes an e-cigarette more complicated, with unknown effects.

An e-cigarette may work as a traditional cigarette smoker’s cessation option. But because the delivery of nicotine is not consistent, using an e-cigarette as a cessation device is not advisable.



Mercy St. Anne Hospital

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital


Lifting awareness of hungry laudable

Thanks to Mary Bilyeu, The Blade’s new food editor, for her recent columns on feeding the hungry in Toledo (“More Food for Thought,” May 13). She pointed out easy ways to help feed hungry people and organizations that provide that help.

Unfortunately, there still is a need to help the hungry in our community. Ms. Bilyeu has been helping to raise the visibility of that need, and the dedicated and generous people who are helping to meet that need.




Young performers good role models

Congratulations to the students from the Toledo School for the Arts who participated in the recent Kaleidoscope concert at the Valentine Theatre. The teens were talented, creative, and dedicated.

Toledo should be proud of this diverse group of teenagers, who are role models for other children and who represent Toledo in a positive way.