City needs plan to limit shifting cash


Your May 19 editorial “Road rage” was on target. City of Toledo officials need to develop a plan to reduce the large annual transfer from the capital improvement fund to the general fund.

The solution is not amassing more debt, or continuing the current transfer practice, which does not address our deteriorating infrastructure.

Any plan to reduce transfers from the capital improvement fund would require fiscal discipline over 10 years or more. It’s important to get a workable plan in place soon for the city’s economic health.


Talwood Lane


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Bicyclists riding with traffic wiser

The May 22 Readers’ Forum letter “Bicyclists need traffic options,” about which side of the road a bicyclist should ride on, is dangerous.

Some bicyclists who ride with the flow of traffic fear being struck from behind, because they cannot see approaching vehicles. Rear-end collisions are rare.

Riding in the left lane, from the bicyclist’s perspective, against the flow of traffic is a common cause of crashes at driveways and intersections.

The safest way to ride is as part of the traffic flow. If you are riding with the normal traffic pattern, you become more predictable.


Springfield Township


Wrong-way riders bad for motorists

Riding against the flow of traffic is the worst thing a bicyclist can do, and a way to get killed.

When a bicyclist rides against traffic, motorists have less time to avoid a collision. The letter writer’s argument that a bicyclist will have time to get out of the way of a speeding car is ridiculous. And a collision will be worse than if the vehicle and the bicycle were going in the same direction.

Motorists are not looking for traffic going the wrong way, especially when they turn. Road signs are not visible to a bicyclist riding against the flow of traffic.

Riding against the flow is dangerous and inconsiderate to motorists. It gives a bad name to most cyclists who follow the rules.


Middlesex Drive


‘Joe’ is pure GOP: Guns over lives

Here’s proof that Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher is a true Republican: He cares about his guns more than people’s lives (“Constitutional contortions,” editorial, May 29). Shame on him.


Brock Drive