End Zone: Michigan 11-15


More than a year later, Michigan is still being asked about one play — and one questionable call — that ultimately changed the course of last season.

Let's regurgitate: Officials ruled receiver Junior Hemingway was out of bounds when he made a one-handed grab in the back of the end zone at Iowa's Kinnick Stadium, despite landing on his right knee before falling out of the end zone. Two incomplete passes later, the game ended. So did Michigan's chances at heading to the Rose Bowl.

When asked about last year's 24-16 loss this week, Michigan receiver Roy Roundtree grimaced.

The Wolverines play their final home game Saturday against Iowa. Retrospect is 20/20, but against Iowa, Michigan's senior class is 0-3.

As Michigan's senior day approaches, you don't need a Rhodes Scholar to help you to realize that they do not want to go out as four-time losers against the Hawkeyes.

The Wolverines have the opportunity to continue winning to keep their waning Rose Bowl hopes alive (or, as some might argue, on life support). Saturday will come with some incentive: End one dubious streak, and use a third November win to springboard into the following week — when more than just pride is on the line at Ohio State.

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