Lady Sunshine and the X Band to visit Murphy's


Lady Sunshine and the X Band is playing tomorrow night in a Toledo jazz club, but the group's sound will encompass everything from the blues to funk to R&B, showcasing the eight-member band's diversity.

Based in Ann Arbor, the group has been together since the mid-'90s, honing its sound and playing regularly in the Toledo area. Frontwoman Lady Sunshine was reared in the Mississippi Delta and she's been singing all her life, whether it's gospel, funk, or jazz.

Featuring a three-man horn section, the band is able to swing from style to style while keeping the dance floor crowded.

Lady Sunshine and the X Band performs tomorrow night at 9, 11, and 1 in Murphy's Place, 151 Water St. Tickets are $8, $10, and $15. Information: 419-241-7732.