Spotlight: Sarah M. Donnelly


Year began performing: 2000

Influences: Charles Mingus, Frederic Chopin, Can, Renata Tebaldi, Captain Beefheart.

Sounds a little like: With a band I have been compared to Portishead, PJ Harvey, and the like. Of course, we all like to think we are entirely original, but these comparisons are flattering to say the least. The tendency to lump slightly similar female singers to each other is common but often a generalization that has more to do with gender than actual similarity. Although we write all of our own material, style-wise, I like to think of us as a contemporary blues band, meaning a progression from traditional blues with occasional jazz leanings.

Favorite local venues: Culture Clash Records, The Clazel Theatre, Bozart's Art Gallery. I am always happy to play in bars but I really enjoy unconventional venues like record stores, art venues, and even house shows when available.

Upcoming gigs/projects: March 2 at 6 p.m. at Culture Clash Records. Ideally, I will begin recording a new batch of material this summer.

Any CDs or music on the Web: