Theater calendar: 9-15

‘Angelina Ballerina’ comes to the Valentine Theater on Saturday.
‘Angelina Ballerina’ comes to the Valentine Theater on Saturday.

WEEK OF SEPT. 15: Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits, open through Sun. (Rep); Last of the Red Hot Lovers, open through Sat. (VP); All Shook Up, Fri.-Sept. 29 (Croswell); Blithe Spirit, Fri.-Sept. 29 (Amil); Bob Zany & Tim Bedore Comedy Night, Fri. (Croswell); The Pillowman, Fri.- Sept. 22 (MCPU); Angelina Ballerina, Sat. (Valentine Children).

SEPT. 22: Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr., Sept. 27-Oct. 6 (ACT); Every Little Crook and Nanny, Sept. 27-Oct. 6 (Fremont); Proof, Sept. 27-Oct. 6 (WCCT); Red, Sept. 26 (ACTT in Little Theatre at Toledo Museum of Art); Rocky Horror Show, Sept. 27, 28 (RRCA).

SEPT. 29: Avenue Q, Oct. 3-6 (3B at Maumee Indoor Theater); Red Noses, Oct. 3-13 (UM, Arthur Miller Theatre); A Night of Comedy, Girls Night: The Musical,

Oct. 4 (SST): Friday Night Live, Oct. 4 (Ritz); Honeymoon at Gravesite Manor, Oct. 4-12 (Off); The Mousetrap, Oct. 4-Oct. 27(Valentine, Studio A); Nobodies of Comedy Fall, Oct. 5 (Ritz).

OCT. 6: Bob Goss and his Silver Sizzles Revue, Oct. 9-12 (SST); Gary Krinsky-Toying with Science, Oct. 5 (Ritz); Deathtrap, Oct. 11-13 (Lourdes); A Little Night Music, Oct. 10-20 (UM, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre); Les Miserables, Oct.11-19 (Belle); Jekyll and Hyde the Musical, Oct. 10-27 (Findlay); Heywood Banks, Oct. 11 (MCCC); Standing on Ceremony: the Gay Marriage Plays, Oct. 11 (ACTT, venue tba); Fox Hunt and Strip Tease,

Oct. 11-20 (UT); Sweeney Todd, Oct. 11 (Croswell); The Giver, Oct. 11 (Freed); Glacity Underground Cabaret, Oct. 12 (GTC); Talk Radio, Oct. 12 (Edgy Rep Reading); The Amazing Kreskin, Oct. 12 (Ritz).

OCT. 13: Fancy Nancy, Oct. 17 (RRCA); Anything Goes, Oct. 18-20 (WP); Gone Fishin, Oct. 18-20 (Genoa); Theatre Express 2013, Oct. 19 (Owens).

OCT. 20: Hello Dolly!, Oct. 20 (VMCCC); For the Devil Tells Me So, Oct. 24-Nov. 1 (GTC); Hello Dolly!, Oct. 24-27 (Theater League; Stranahan); EAT: It's Not About Food, Oct. 25, 26 (CTW Teen); The Trial of Ebeneezer Scrooge, Oct. 25-27 (Amil Youth).

OCT. 27: Spencers Theatre of Illusion, Oct. 27 (ARTS); War of the Worlds, A "Live" Radio Broadcast, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 (3B); Young Frankenstein, Oct. 31-Nov. 3 (Ritz, Heidelberg University); Lettice and Lovage, Nov. 1-16 (VP); The Odd Couple, Nov. 1-3 (MCP); Under the Streetlamp, Nov. 1 (NPACVW); The Michael Malone Comedy Show - Even Fish Have Fathers, Nov. 2 (TCA).

NOV. 3: Branson on the Road, Nov. 3 (Croswell); The Addams Family Nov. 7(Valentine); The Glass Menagerie, Nov. 7-10 (BGSU Firelands); Arsenic and Old Lace, Nov. 8-17 (Rep); Friday Night Live, Nov. 8 (Ritz); Les Miserables, Nov. 8-16 (OCT); Nelson Illusions Smoke & Mystery Tour, Nov. 8 (SST); Spamalot, Nov. 8-17 (RRCA); The Wolf Tales, Nov. 8-10 (Croswell).

NOV. 10: Our Town, Nov. 15-17 (Ritz Teen); Out to Lunch, Nov. 15-24 (UT).

NOV. 17: Mega 80's Night, Nov. 16 (Croswell); American Salvage, Nov. 21-23 (Owens); 2nd Annual Henry County's Got Talent, Nov. 21, 22 (MVCT); The Holiday Spectacular, Nov. 21-23 (Freed); Three Sisters, Nov. 21-24 (UM, Arthur Miller Theatre); Forbidden Broadway: Alive and Kicking!, Nov. 22 (Valentine); Wizard of Oz, Nov. 22-24 (TCA Youth).

NOV. 24: Southern Fried Chicks Cage-Free Comedy Tour, Nov. 24 (Valentine); The Christmas Schooner, a Musical, Nov. 29-Dec. 8 (Amil).

DEC. 1: Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Dec. 1(Theater League; Stranahan); War Horse, Dec. 3-8 (Theater League; Stranahan); Cheaper by the Dozen, Dec. 5-14 (Findlay); The Comedy of Errors, Dec. 5-8 (UM, Power Center); A Christmas Carol, Dec. 6-8 (Rep at Valentine); A 1940's Radio Christmas Carol, Dec. 6-15 (Genoa); Brighton Beach Memoirs, Dec. 6-15 (Fremont); Christmas at the Ritz, Dec. 6 (Tiffin University at Ritz); Farndale Townswomen Society of A Christmas Carol, Dec. 6-15 (WCCT) Hamlet, Dec. 6-14 (Belle); Kids Say the Darndest Things, Dec. 6-15 (ACT); Uh-Oh, Here Comes Christmas, Dec. 6-8 (Lourdes); White Christmas, Dec. 6-22 (Croswell); Sister's Christmas Catechism - The Mystery of Magi's Gold, Dec. 7 (MCCC) (SST).

DEC. 8: Heidelberg University Holiday Show, Dec. 8 (Ritz); The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Dec. 12-14 (BSP); Folk Tales for Fun, Dec. 13-15 (CTW); Friday Night Live, Dec. 13 (Ritz); Christmas Time in Ireland, Dec. 14 (RRCA).

DEC. 15: Glenn Miller Orchestra, Dec. 19 (SST).

DEC. 29: New Year's Eve Dueling Pianos, Dec. 31 (Croswell); Friday Night Live, Jan. 3 (Ritz).

JAN. 5: Leaving Iowa, Jan. 9-12 (Findlay); A Night of Comedy with Heywood Banks, Jan. 10 (ARTS); Pippin, Jan. 10-19 (Amil); Queen of Bingo, Jan. 10-25 (VP); V is for Variety, Jan. 10. 11 (Fremont).

JAN. 12: The Stinky Cheese Man, Jan. 16 (Discovery Series at Ritz); Noises Off, Jan. 17-26 (Rep); Sid the Science Kid, Jan. 17 (Freed).

JAN. 19: Godspell, Jan. 24 (Valentine); King Lear, Jan. 24-26 (MCP); Collage Concert, Jan. 25 (UM, Hill Auditorium); 'night Mother, Jan. 25 (ACTT at Trinity Episcopal Church); Nobodies of Comedy Winter, Jan. 25 (Ritz).

JAN. 26: Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr., Jan. 31-Feb. 9 (Croswell); The Addams Family, Jan. 31 (NPACVW).

FEB. 2: Moving Pictures, Feb. 6-9 (UM, Power Center); Rock of Ages, Feb. 6-9 (Theater League; Stranahan); Amadeus, Feb. 7, 8 (TSO at Peristyle); Friday Night Live, Feb. 7 (Ritz); Jack Hanna's Into the Wild Live, Feb. 8 (Freed).

FEB. 9: The Things They Carried, Feb. 13 (Freed); Baby Boomers Comedy Show, Feb. 14 (Freed); Love Letters, Feb. 14-16 (Rep); M*A*S*H, Feb. 14-22 (OCT); Miss Nelson is Missing!!!, Feb.14-16 (Ami Youth); Moonlight & Magnolias, Feb. 14-23 (Ritz); My Fair Lady, Feb. 14-23 (BSP); Over the River and through the Woods, Feb. 14-16 (WP); Steve March-Torme, Feb. 14 (RRCA); Charlotte's Web, Feb. 15 (Valentine Children); DiNo Light, Feb. 15 (TCA); The "Not So" Newlywed Game, Feb. 15 (NPACVW).

FEB. 16: Everybody's Hero - The Jackie Robinson Story, Feb. 18 (Discovery Series at Ritz); Hay Fever, Feb. 20-23 (UM, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre); Romeo & Juliet, Feb. 20-23 (UM, Arthur Miller Theatre); Flamingo Court, Feb. 21-March 2 (Genoa); Shakespeare or Is It? Comedy of Errors, Feb. 21-23 (TCA Youth) Steel Magnolias, Feb. 21-March 1 (Belle); The Thing About Men, Feb. 21-March 9 (Valentine, Studio A); Second City, Feb. 22 (Valentine); STOMP, Feb. 22, 23 (Theater League, Stranahan).

FEB. 23: Moonlight and Magnolias, Feb. 27-March 8 (Findlay).

MARCH 2: American Idiot, March 2 (Theater League, Stranahan); Sweet Charity, March 2 (Valentine); The Wonderbread Years, March 2 (RRCA); Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, March 4-6 (MCP); A Night of One Acts, March 7, 8 (CTW Teen); Friday Night Live, March 7 (Ritz); On Golden Pond, March 7-16 (ACT); Rex's Exes, March 7-16 (Fremont); The Liar, March 7-22 (VP).

MARCH 9: Hair, March 9 (VMCCC); Macbeth: a Kid's Cautionary Tale, March 14-16 (Young Rep); Murder in Green Meadows, March 14-23 (Amil); Onstage Cabaret, March 14-22 (Croswell); Sabrina Fair, March 14-16 (RRCA); The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and other Storybooks, March 14 (MCCC); Dinosaur Train LIVE, March 15 (NPACVW).

MARCH 16: The Ten Tenors: On Broadway, March 18 (Valentine); Million Dollar Quartet, March 20-23 (Theater League, Stranahan); Little Mermaid, Jr., March 21-23 (TCA Youth); Mama Mia!, March 21 (VMCCC); Branson on the Road, March 22 (Valentine).

MARCH 23: Church Basement Ladies, March 23 (NPACVW); New Shanghai Circus, March 23 (Ritz); Two on Tap, March 28 (RRCA); Five Little Monkeys, March 29 (Valentine Children); Once Upon a Time, March 29 (Croswell).

MARCH 30: Smokey Joe's Cafe, March 30 (Valentine); Cabaret, April 4-19 (UT); Southern Fried Chicks Cage-Free Comedy Tour, April 4 (SST); Friday Night Live, April 4 (Ritz); The Fox on the Fairway, March 28-April 6 (BSP); Marisol, April 3-13 (UM, Arthur Miller Theatre); Jungle Jack Hanna Live, April 5 (NPACVW).

APRIL 6: Stuart Little, April 6 (Valentine Children); Stuart Little, April 8 (Discovery Series at Ritz) ;Footloose, April 10 (Freed); The Adventures of Rose Red, April 11-13 (Amil Youth); The Glass Menagerie, April 11-20 (Rep); Flashback Fifty, April 12, 13 (MCCC).

APRIL 13: Improvised Shakespeare Company, April 15 (BGSU, Kobacker Hall); Les Miserables, April 17-20 (UM, Power Center).

APRIL 20: Student Directed One-Acts, April 24 (Freed); Dixie Swim Club, April 25-May 4 (Genoa); On Golden Pond, April 25-May 3 (OCT); Dueling Pianos, April 26 (Croswell); Peter Rabbit, April 26 (Croswell).

APRIL 27: The Music Man, May 1-18 (Findlay); West Side Story, May 1-4 (Theater League, Stranahan); Friday Night Live, May 2 (Ritz); The Drowsy Chaperone, May 2-18 (Fremont); trideaDance, May 3 (Ritz).

MAY 4: Moonglow, May 8-11 (Rep); Fancy Nancy The Musical, May 9 (SST); Oliver, May 9-17 (Belle children); Present Laughter, May 9-18 (Amil); Proposals, May 9-24 (VP); The Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus, May 9-11 (CTW); The King and I, May 9-11 (WP); Proof, May 9-19 (Ritz); Towards Zero, May 9-18 (BSP).

MAY 11: West Side Story, May 11 (NPACVW); The Sound of Music, May 16-18 (MCP).

JUNE 1: Young Frankenstein, The New Mel Brooks Musical, June 6-22 (Rep).

JULY 6: Guys and Dolls, July 11-20 (ACT); The Wedding Singer, July 11-19 (Belle Teen); Les Miserables, July 12-21 (Ritz).

JULY 27: Disney's Mulan , Jr., Aug. 1, 2 (CTW).