Congress allots $90M for Ohio tank plant

The production of an Abrams tank in Lima, Ohio.
The production of an Abrams tank in Lima, Ohio.

WASHINGTON — Defying a request from the Obama Administration, Senate and House negotiators will provide up to $90 million to help keep alive the production line at the Army tank plant in Lima, Ohio.

The money has been folded into the defense bill, which could win congressional approval this week. For the past two years, the administration has asked Congress not to spend any money to refurbish the M-1, A-1 Abrams battle tank, built at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima. The plant is run by General Dynamics Corp.

Although the administration has contended that the plant can remain open through production and refurbishment of the Abrams for international customers, Ohio lawmakers have pressed for federal help to continue upgrading the tank and retain 700 jobs at the facility.