End zone: Ohio State 10-18


After Ohio State won consecutive games totaling more than 100 points, it was suggested to Urban Meyer this week that perhaps nothing at all was wrong with his team. Maybe the Buckeyes could rebrand as a charm-school outfit that simply outscores everyone in games that last longer than Nixon's second term.

Just win, baby.

"Oh no, we can't have that," Meyer said, wincingly. "That's not going to happen. Do we want to win 48-47? We want to win, but no, Ohio State is going to be a defensive school. Absolutely. Our teams are going to be defensive, no question. … If you sit in these meetings and are aware of what's being said, there is no conversation about chuck and duck."

While Meyer forged his reputation on offense, he has never ducked. OSU's score-and-let-score style will win in the short term. Braxton Miller and an immovable offensive line have been that good lately. But for the Buckeyes to return among the truly elite, so must their once-elite defense. Ten of the last 12 national champions wielded top-10 defenses, while Alabama, this year's favorite, is allowing a national-best average of 181.2 yards per game. The Buckeyes are surrendering 400 and rank 69th.

Meyer said he is "putting out an APB for tough guys." OSU needs its Silver Bullets back.

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