End zone: Ohio State 11-22


I have learned hell hath no fury like an Ohio State fan scorned by an ill word written about Jim Tressel.

I'll just say I once thought the former coach had no place at the ceremony honoring the 2002 national champions during Saturday's game.

Think about the sideshow and irony of recognizing the man whose deceit helped keep this perfect Buckeyes team from attempting to win the same title for which he is being feted. Too awkward, too soon.

But my opinion changed after hearing from members of the 2002 and 2012 teams. They were in agreement: Tressel has to be there — and all indications are he will.

"It's a blessing to have coach [Urban] Meyer and coach Tressel be there on my senior day," safety Orhian Johnson said. "I couldn't really have it any other way … I don't have any animosity."

Who are we to argue with that? Tressel made mistakes and in the end was blinded by power, but I still believe him to be a fundamentally good man who cared deeply for his players.

This ceremony is not for the national media who will view the cheers for Tressel as a cultural indictment. If the seniors and former players want to see Tressel, he should be there.

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