Town Talk: Francine Cary

Sylvania resident, Peace Corps Volunteer and, retired teacher

Francine Cary
Francine Cary

Sylvania resident Francine Cary is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and a retired college teacher. She also writes a blog about her experiences at

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1. Where was your first job? Teaching Women’s History at UT, a first at the time (in the late 1970s).

2. What's your favorite location in Sylvania? Downtown Main Street, the shops and the Sylvania Area Historical Society Museum. Shop local!

3. What's your favorite season of the year? Colorful fall, as beautiful here as anywhere in the world.

4. Favorite food? Anything Italian. It’s my heritage!

5. Any hobbies? Writing, and also reading, walking, volunteering, and being with my seven grandkids (best hobby in the world).

6. Where were you born? Rochester, N.Y., but have lived in many different places since.

7. Favorite holiday? Christmas, a time to give, a time for peace.

8. Something interesting or unique about you. I spent two years in Ukraine as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and turned 70 while there. A real adventure!

9. Favorite color? Red, bright, cheerful, upbeat!

10. Best Sylvania restaurant? I like the Dragonfly for its homey atmosphere and healthy food.