Sylvania publishes updated codes


Sylvania officials will update the city's codified ordinance books to reflect changes in legislation it has enacted in the past year. Amendments to state legislation will be included in the update as well.

Leslie Brinning, Sylvania law director, said it formally publishes the new codes every year. Council Monday night voted to publish the recent changes to its codes and state code as well.

Mrs. Brinning said there were no significant changes at the state level. Some state codes were as simple as redefining the definition of a bicycle, as a “device propelled by human power” with two or more wheels.

One state code pertains to the ban on texting while driving; a driver could be charged for the crime under the municipal code as well as the Ohio Revised Code, she said.

The same applies to the prohibition against using a “wireless” or mobile device while driving. Mrs. Brinning said a new subset of the code allows for a delinquent child or juvenile traffic offender to be prosecuted under both state and city codes, she said.